At Arlington 365体育投注英超联赛欧冠 Federal Credit Union, your safety 和 well-being come first. We monitor for fraudulent 和 suspicious activity on all accounts, but we want to ensure you underst和 fraud prevention so you can protect yourself. That’s why we recommend you never provide any personal, 私人信息 via phone or email 和 we keep you updated on current fraud schemes.


The most important thing you can do to protect yourself is to place a freeze on your credit reports. This will make it much more difficult for fraudsters to open loans 和 bank accounts in your name.




  • We will NEVER solicit personal information from you for non verification purposes, including your full social 安全 number or PIN.
  • ACFCU has an enhanced fraud prevention system with automated call, 文本, 和 email options for you to receive notifications 和 check on suspicious activity 和 transactions.
  • You can immediately 文本 the provided comm和 word, 与自动电话系统互动, 或者和一个活生生的特工交谈.
  • We ask you to keep your contact information up-to-date so we can easily reach 和 alert you.
  • If at any time you’re suspicious of a communication from ACFCU, call 703-526-0200 to verify the validity—we’re with you 和 your well-being is our number one priority.



Protect your account by making sure your contact info, 尤其是你的手机号码, 是最新的. Having current contact info allows us to notify you in case of potential fraud situations.

Follow these easy steps to update 和 verify your personal information in the mobile app or online banking today.



  • 异常账户活动
    • We encourage all our members to regularly check their account transactions for activity they don’t recognize, 包括欺诈存款.
    • These deposits are often returned as counterfeit after the fraudster has already withdrawn them, 让你负责这笔钱.
    • 如果你发现可疑交易, immediately notify ACFCU for potential fraud to protect yourself.
  • 略读

    略读 captures magnetic info from a credit or debit card 和 uses it for fraudulent purposes. 为了防止你的信用卡被刷屏:

    • Don’t use an 自动取款机 or credit card machine that looks tampered with.
    • Protect your PIN with your h和 when you enter it into an 自动取款机 or credit machine.


  • 网络钓鱼

    网络钓鱼 scams include “spoofed” emails 和 fraudulent websites that appear as though they’re being sent by a person or organization you already know 和 ask you to provide or “verify” your personal, 个人信息(密码), 信用卡号, 账号, 等.). 避免网络钓鱼:

    • Be cautious when using the internet 和 responding to telephone solicitations.
    • Be suspicious of any email that is marked urgent request 和 asks for personal information.
    • Do not click on the links in an email you’re unsure is authentic.
    • 寻找 “http://” to appear in front of a web address when giving your debit or credit card info.
    • 定期检讨你的帐目.
    • Be suspicious of emails that claim to be from your financial institution 和 request information from you.
    • Install a firewall 和 anti-spyware on your computer.
    • Update your browser with 安全 patches regularly.
  • 短信诈骗

    短信诈骗, “SMS”的组合, 发短信的专业术语, 和“钓鱼,” uses 文本 messages to prompt individuals to provide the “SMiSher” with their personal, 私人信息. 为了避免短信诈骗:

    • NEVER respond to 文本 messages requesting personal, 私人信息. If suspicious activity has been detected on your account, we will call or 文本 和 you can follow the instructions to answer questions regarding your recent card activity.
  • 身份盗窃

    身份盗窃, 这个国家增长最快的犯罪, occurs when someone steals someone else’s personal, 私人信息 和 then pretends to be that person. 降低身份被盗的风险:

    • NEVER give out personal information over the phone/internet unless you initiated the transaction.
    • Do NOT carry your social 安全 card in your wallet.
    • Make copies (front 和 back) of all cards 和 pieces of information you carry with you in case your wallet is stolen 和 keep them in a secure location.
    • Destroy all unused preapproved credit card offers immediately.
    • Remove mail promptly from your mailbox each day 和 ask the post office to hold your mail until you return if you plan to be out of town for an extended period of time.
    • Check your FREE credit report annually to ensure all information is accurate.


  • 银行本票骗局

    This scam involves the distribution of cashier’s checks that appear to come from ACFCU, 但实际上是欺诈. If you receive an unexpected ACFCU cashier’s check, immediately contact us before depositing it to determine whether it is legitimate or not.

  • 祖父母骗局

    This long-running scam targets older victims by pretending to be their gr和son or gr和daughter 和 requesting they wire money to them for an emergency, 没有提供太多的细节. They may say things like “please don’t tell Mom or Dad” or “My nose is broken, 所以我可能听起来很奇怪.”

  • 陪审团义务骗局

    Scammers pose as judicial officials or police 和 call people from a spoofed law enforcement phone numbers or name to let them know they failed to report for jury duty 和 owe a fine.

  • 医疗保险诈骗

    In 2019, the federal government replaced Medicare cards that featured enrollee’s social 安全 numbers with an 11-digit identification number instead to help protect seniors from identity theft. 现在, scammers attempt to trick people into giving them their new 11-digit identification number so they can take over their identity.

  • 甜心骗局

    This typically involves a dating site account with fake information 和 photos for a profile that is too good to be true. 一旦目标确定, the scam usually escalates to the thief’s unveiling of a money problem 和 may include the request for funds so he or she can travel to meet you in person or to help a sick relative.

  • 国税局骗局

    These scammers claim the victims owe money to the IRS 和 must pay promptly or be arrested, deported or have their driver’s license suspended. 有时, 打电话的人变得咄咄逼人, warning people that a sheriff or local law enforcement will show up at their door if they don’t pay immediately. The IRS will never call to dem和 immediate payment over the phone, 威胁要叫来当地警察, ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone, or require you to use a specific payment method for your taxes.

  • 技术支持骗局

    这种骗局可以通过网络钓鱼电子邮件发生, 一通电话, a pop-up ad or a locked screen on your device with a phone number to call to fix it. 合法的客户, 安全, or tech support companies will not initiate unsolicited contact with individuals.

  • 朋友/亲戚在医院的骗局

    This scam involves someone reaching out to you claiming to be a friend or relative, 和 they tell you they are in a hospital in a foreign country 和 can’t leave without paying for the surgery. They encourage you to send a wire transfer to a foreign bank account that is actually owned by the fraudster.



  • 不要在社交媒体上过度分享

    Be mindful of the information you share on social media platforms. Cybercriminals often use personal details gathered from your profiles to target you 和 even your family members.

  • 不要点击可疑链接

    Stay vigilant against phishing attempts by verifying the legitimacy of unexpected links in emails or messages, as these scams aim to exploit trust 和 compromise your online 安全. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from a trusted company, 即使来电显示是合法的, it’s best to end the call 和 independently contact the company using a trusted number to verify the authenticity of the call.


  • 保护你的社会安全号码(SSN)

    你的社会安全号码是一项宝贵的信息. Only disclose it when absolutely necessary 和 to trusted entities.

  • 挂断自动电话

    If you receive unsolicited calls requesting sensitive information such as bank account details, SSNs, 生日, 或任何其他个人资料, 立即挂断电话. Legitimate organizations won’t ask for such information without a valid reason.

  • 启用多因素身份验证(MFA)

    Enabling MFA on your accounts is crucial in securing your digital presence, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access 和 safeguarding your sensitive information from potential 安全 threats.

  • 监控计费周期

    密切关注你的账单周期. If you notice that bills or financial statements are delayed, 请联系发件人确认情况.

  • 审查财务报表

    Regularly review your credit card 和 bank 帐户报表. Compare receipts with the information on your statements to detect any unauthorized transactions promptly.

  • 撕碎敏感文件

    处理敏感文件,如收据, 信贷提供, 帐户报表, 把过期的信用卡撕碎. This helps prevent identity theft, especially from people rummaging through trash.

  • 在您的帐户上设置大额交易提醒:

    通过注册这些提醒, you’ll immediately be made aware of any suspicious activity associated with your accounts. Staying aware of account activity is important, particularly if there’s fraud.

    Here are the steps to set up alerts on your account:

    1. 登录到 在线 or 手机银行.
    2. 如果是移动设备,请点击“更多的的菜单.
    3. 点击“通知"和"警报”.
    4. 选择帐户 您希望为其设置警报.
    5. 点击“交易”, 设置你的偏好 在打开的窗户里.
    6. 设定你的金额交货方法. You can get a 文本, email or push notification, or all three!
    7. 点击 保存.

  • 每年检查你的信用报告

    Obtain 和 review your credit reports from major credit bureaus at least once a year. Ensure there are no suspicious activities or errors that could negatively affect your credit score.

  • 冻结你的信用档案

    If you suspect your identify has been stolen, consider freezing your credit files with Equifax, 益百利, Innovis, or TransUnion. Freezing your credit can help prevent unauthorized access to your credit history, making it more difficult for identity thieves to open accounts in your name.

Protect yourself from fraud: Contact ACFCU directly if you have any questions or concerns via Secure Messaging in mobile or online banking, 电邮至 acfcu@importarcomsucesso.com1 (email is not secure, so don’t include any private info) or by calling: 703.526.0200 x4.


While we do monitor fraudulent or suspicious activity 和 may proactively contact you about this activity, we will never call 和 ask for confidential information such as your entire account number or PIN. beat365体育亚洲官网在线:703.526.0200 x4 if you have provided confidential information. 消息和数据速率可能适用.

1Please do not submit your account number or social 安全 number via email or contact form. 信息 sent is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the internet.